Top tips for running your social media channels

25 March 2019

To get the most out of Wake Up To Organic, it's a good idea to start building up your social media activity and growing your audience. Below we have some of our top tips for the three main social media platforms that we use: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

#1 Do post regularly on all your channels. If you find you’ve started an Instagram account, for example, but you don’t have time to update it, then delete it. It’s much better to be on fewer social media platforms but do them really well. You should see your social media as a digital window display – and you wouldn’t leave your shop front empty, so don’t do it on social media.

#2 Don’t automatically post your Facebook updates as Tweets or vice versa – it’s always best to post directly in each social media platform so that you can make sure it looks as good as possible. For example, Facebook has a much bigger character limit compared to Twitter, so you may find your update is cut off in the middle of a sentence.

#3 Do use photos on all updates – you’re much more like to get people interacting. Research has shown that Tweets with a photo get up to 313% more engagement.

#4 As well as promoting your event, consider running offers and competitions via your social media channels in the lead up to Wake Up To Organic, such as a discount voucher redeemable in store on the day/week/month of the event; or run an online organic-focussed competition with the winner(s) being announced on Wake Up To Organic day.

#5 Remember to follow us on social media and interact with our posts, we are @OrganicUK across Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

#6 Do tag us at @OrganicUK and #WakeUpToOrganic if you are posting about your event – this links your voice into the campaign and helps us share what you are doing on the day.