A selection of retailers discussing their involvement with Wake Up To Organic

"We had lots of positive feedback from customers."

Waverley Stores, Carmarthen

Catherine of Waverley Stores in Carmarthen talks to us about her experience of taking part in a successful Wake Up To Organic 2017.

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"The local paper gave us a write up both before and after the event"

Munday & Jones, Monmouth

Phil Munday from Munday & Jones tells us how they benefited from their Wake Up To Organic event... despite the rain!

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"It encouraged new customers into our store, and they have been returning."

Food for Thought, Guildford

Alan Martin from Food for Thought tells us why Wake Up To Organic worked for his stores.

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"Promoting organic is an important part of what we do."

Infinity Foods, Brighton

Charlie Booth from Infinity Foods tells us why they were keen to get involved with Wake Up To Organic.

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"The local paper even made a short film about our event..."

Ray Hill of Sunshine, Stroud

Ray Hill of Sunshine in Stroud, a health store and organic bakery, chats to us about why they decided to take part in Wake Up To Organic 2016, and discuss their experience of the day.

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"A great success!"

Oliver’s, Kew

Sara Novakovic of Oliver’s in Kew talks to us about her experience of taking part in a successful and enjoyable Wake Up To Organic 2016.

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