Retailer case studies

"It was great to see so many happy, interested customers."

St Giles Market Stall, Ringwood

All the produce on our market stall is from organic growers so naturally we were enthusiastic to take part in a nationwide event promoting organic food, which we believe is the healthiest way to grow and eat.

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"We had a lot of interest and support from the local community."

Roots Cafe, Abergele

A highlight was seeing customers both old and new showing an interest and learning about where their food comes from and the effect it has on the planet.

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"It was a great success, people loved trying the new products."

Scoop Wholefoods, Shetland

We got lots of fantastic samples to try and also recipe booklets, which our customers loved!

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"Wake Up To Organic is a good ethical fit for us and also very user friendly."

Oats Healthy Living Store, Brixham, Devon

We benefited greatly from improved sales on the day and new customers who hadn't previously known we were even on the high street!

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"It is a great way to make people smile – who can refuse a free breakfast?"

Good Food, Catford

WUTO is a fun and easy way to engage our customers as well as potential new customers. Organic farming is so important to our business mission; we wanted to promote the benefits of organic food for the environment, our health and showcase how delicious it can be!

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"It was a great way to attract more people to the shop."

Maeth Y Meysydd, Aberystwyth

Our highlight was definitely the fact that we got to introduce a lot of people to a range of foods that they would otherwise never think to try and chat with them about the benefits of organic. It certainly adds a little fun to a regular work day!

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"It was nice to be able to offer customers something different."

Ganesha, Axminster

We found that we love putting out samples for our customers just as much as they love trying them! We’ve been setting out samples pretty much every day since the event, so it definitely stuck with us.

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"We definitely gained some new customers."

Archie Browns, Cornwall

Our highlight was all the great conversations we had about organic food and farming. Lots of people who wouldn’t normally stop and chat, did so over a cup of tea or overnight oats.

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"It introduced us to lots of amazing brands."

Focus Organic, Halesworth

We were delighted when we heard of the campaign. It gave us the perfect chance to show how easy it is for people to make the switch to organic. We also knew that it was something that all our regular customers would really enjoy too.

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"We sold out of some of the products that we sampled!"

Naturalife, Bridport

It was fantastic to get talking to lots of different people of all ages, many of whom weren’t our normal demographic.

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