It is a great way to make people smile – who can refuse a free breakfast?

Good Food, Catford

Why did you take part in Wake Up To Organic 2019?
As a relatively new business on our parade of shops, WUTO is a fun and easy way to engage our customers as well as potential new customers. Organic farming is so important to our business mission; we wanted to promote the benefits of organic food for the environment, our health and showcase how delicious it can be!

What did you get out of it?
A lot of fun! We really enjoyed being given the opportunity to engage with our customers and people just passing by the shop in a different way from usual. It is a great way to make people smile – who can refuse a free breakfast? It was fabulous to have the recipes to use and the booklets to give out so people can see how easy it is to incorporate organic food into their start of the day.

What did you do on the day?
We set up shop outside the shop! Putting up a table out on the street stacked with delicious organic treats and goodies. Our in-house chef made the Wake Up To Organic breakfast bars, we served up our Good Food organic muesli with Rude Health almond drink, gave away Doves Farm Oat Bars, as well as Equal Exchange coffee, Pukka teas and James White Zingers.

Was it a success?
Yes! We had such great feedback from everyone we spoke to and have even started selling the breakfast bars as a permanent addition to the countertop range – they were so well liked.

What was a highlight of the day?
Just seeing people smile, it was a real buzz to be able to brighten up someone’s day in an unexpected way.

How did you market it?
On social media – across our 3 platforms of Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Do you have any great ideas forming for running your Wake Up To Organic events next year?
We’d like to find some way to promote our organic fruit. Perhaps chopping up and getting customers to try that way. We are also looking to launch an organic bacon range, as well as an organic granola. We might also look to do some organic toast with some of our in-house jam, we have a great local organic bread supplier that we would love to be able to promote.

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