The local paper even made a short film about our event...

Ray Hill of Sunshine, Stroud

Why did you take part in Wake Up To Organic 2016?
We took part because we never like to miss an opportunity to promote organic. It is surely the best means of providing the body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

What did you get out of it?
We generated some good publicity in the local press along with our organic window display which brought in interested people. The local paper even made a short film about our event.

What did you do on the day?
We offered samples of our Organic Breakfast Bar which was was made from fruits, nuts and cereals, produced in our organic bakery. We created the bar in the early 1990s and at the time we were one of the first organic bakeries in Gloucestershire.

Was it a success?
The sampling proved to be a great success. At various stages during the morning we even had queues waiting for our sample bar.

How did you market it?
The marketing was focused primarily on the local press the week before the event. We have to thank a customer blogger for helping out with our press coverage.

What do you think you will do next year?
We're tempted to repeat the same promotion for next year but we may come up with another tasty organic sample. Customers really do love a sample, especially when it's organic.

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