Retailer case studies

"Wake Up To Organic, for us, is always a success"

As Nature Intended, London

Wake Up To Organic is a tradition for us and we couldn’t miss it! Most of our products are organic and having the opportunity of showcasing some of them during such a fun and well organised campaign is simply perfect for us.

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"It’s a great opportunity."

Better Food, Bristol

It’s a great opportunity to showcase the interesting and local organic food we sell, and to show off our delicious café breakfasts at the same time!

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"It was a very busy morning and we had such a lovely time."

LIV Organic, Liverpool

As a relatively new store in Liverpool, where the organic movement is in its very youth, we wanted to partner with Wake Up To Organic to inform, educate and share our love of living organically to our customers.

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"A bit of sparkle and a change to the routine does you good"

Fodder, Hereford

We did it in 2016 and had such fun, we couldn’t resist doing Wake Up To Organic again in 2017!

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"It was a really positive experience for our shop"

Goodfayre, Salisbury

Taking part in a nationwide campaign and collaborating with other businesses is something we love to do, when lots of people are sharing the same message at the same time, the impact is always greater.

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"A great way to get people talking about organic"

Spice of Life, Bourne

Our aim has always to be able to bring organic, natural health and speciality food products to the local area.

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